My mom will only sleep in her recliner chair

My mother refuses to sleep in a hospital bed and has slept in her lazy boy recliner chair for the past 10 years. She has difficulty breathing and will not sleep in her regular bed. I am not sure what to do. She has recently developed pressure sores and the doctor wants her to sleep on an alternating  air mattress and hospital bed.  Can you suggest anything that may help her heal bed sores even though she sleeps in her recliner chair? I could really use some help.

G Carter

alternating pressure recliner chair
alternating pressure recliner chair

Lebanon NH

We received this email from a daughter who was extremely frustrated and was not sure what to do. Her mother had begin to develop a stage 2 bed sore and the recommended treatment was an alternating pressure mattress for her hospital bed. The major problem was her mother refused to sleep in a hospital bed and did not want it brought into her room. Luckily we had a solution. We recently partnered with a medical manufacturing company that duplicated the same  pressure relief principals that were used in the alternating pressure hospital mattresses.  This recliner chair for bed sores works with their existing chair and offers alternating pressure therapy. The adjustable air mattress operates on a 10 minute cycle time. This alternates air pressure every 5 minutes  through the even and odd cells of the mattress. It is designed to stimulate blood flow preventing and treating painful pressure ulcers. The adjustable pump can increase or decrease the firmness or softness of the mattress providing a variable comfort setting for pain management. This alternating recliner overlay comes with a quiet pump and a removable low sheer cover that is fluid proof and easy to clean.  Designed for the treatment of Stages 1-4 pressure sores. Easy to operate and install.





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