Keep Your Vitality In Line With Ultimate Bedsore Healing

In this day and age one key component to long life and vitality is keeping illness at bay.  Reality unfortunately sometimes works against us. In circumstances where you may be required to stay in bed or in a chair longer than you would like the key to protecting yourself is making sure your support surface is working best on your behalf.  Avoiding pressure sores commonly called bed sores is crucial.

This is where an alternating pressure air mattress for your bed or an alternating wheelchair cushion for you wheelchair or recliner chair  can benefit you. How do alternating pressure mattresses work in pressure relief?

Alternating pressure mattresses or hospital air mattresses are made up of air cells that alternate via weight distribution. They are broken up between odd and even cells. The odd cells will inflate while the even cells deflate and vice versa. The constant slow moment helps create blood flow to the areas needed to avoid skin breakdown. The alternating pressure wheelchair cushion also has cells that work similar just on a smaller scale due to pressure area.

There are so many options to choose from on the web how do you know what one will fit your needs?  There are many options and it is truly based on your condition, weight, and size. We can recommend the Alta Therapeutic Mattress System due to the supreme reviews we have gotten from our customers. It is a mattress that fits a standard medical bed frame, is very durable and can be elevated in head and foot area, and is great in healing and prevention.

Prevention and healing is the key to your medical  Vitality and Longevity!!

Alta Therapeutic Air Mattress

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