Best Air Mattress for Bedsores – Pressure Ulcers

My mother has the beginning stages of a bedsore and we need a mattress that we can adjust for comfort but that will also keep her dry while healing. Can you recommend a solution?

Margaret M.


If a patient already has developed a bedsore and would like an adjustable mattress for comfort and pain relief I highly suggest the Pro 6000 Hospital air mattress.  It features an adjustable setting and is supreme in keeping the patient cool and dry. This is mainly due to the added low air loss feature which provides circulation of air preventing heat and moisture build up that can advance skin breakdown. The Pro 6000 Hospital air mattress has sensors that react to the clients movement so that pressure relief is constant and healing can begin. Your mother would benefit greatly being on



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My Mother has bed sores and won’t sleep in a hospital bed

My mother has slept in her lazy boy recliner chair for the past 10 years. She has difficulty breathing and will not sleep in her bed. I am not sure what to do. Can you suggest anything that may help her heal her bed sores even though she sleeps in her recliner chair?

G Carter

Lebanon NH


We received this email from a daughter who was extremely frustrated and was not sure what do do. Her mother had begin to develop a stage 2 bed sore and the recommended treatment was an alternating pressure mattress for her hospital bed. The major problem was her mother refused to sleep in a hospital bed and did not want it brought into her room. Luckily we had a solution. We recently partnered with an american company that duplicated the same medical pressure relief benefits that were used in a alternating pressure mattress and designed it for a recliner chair. This recliner chair for bed sores works with their existing chair and offers alternating pressure therapy healing up to stage 4 bed sores.

This recliner chair mattress for bed sores has been exactly what Ms Carter needed. It fit nicely over her existing chair and it provided the alternating therapy that allowed her bed sores to clear up.


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